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Offering Zero Contact Acreage Reporting for 2020

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Insure your crops against hail damage on a value per acre basis.

Acreage Reporting 2020

Wicke Crop is prepared for zero contact acreage reporting for 2020. 

Cover Crops and Crop Insurance

Learn more about the requirements of planting into a cover crop and termination dates of the cover crop.



Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance is purchased by agricultural producers, including farmers.  The purpose of the policy is provide a risk management tool that will protect against crop loss or revenue loss due to natural disasters or market decline.  Perils could include, flooding, drought, hail, wind or wildlife.


Value Per Acre Coverage

A type of insurance policy that protects crop damage caused by hail storms.  Perils could also include, wind, fire, or vandalism.  This policy is designed to protect the crops while they are in the field or being transported to a storage location.

Private Products

Peril Specific Policies

Each Approved Insurance Provider (AIP) offers their own standalone policies that provide coverages for specific perils. These could include, replanting, stored grain liability, wind damage or even forward marketing contracts.

Other Insurance Products

Property & Casualty

Beginning in 2016, Wicke Insurance has partnered with Sovis Insurance Agency to offer other insurance products. Like Wicke Crop, Sovis strives to provide quality coverages at an affordable price. Sovis Insurance specializes in farmowner insurance policies, including personal & commercial auto, workers compensation and farm umbrellas. Contact Sovis today for a quote and an opportunity to earn your business.


Agency Promise

Wicke Crop Insurance is committed to service. Since 1986, we have been working hard to ensure our clients receive the best possible crop insurance in Michigan. Our goal is to provide you superior customer support and expert advice. Learn more about what we do by contacting Wicke Crop for a free quote and policy review. You’ll be surprised to learn what we can offer you and your farming operation.


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